Wind-Driven Turbine Alternators

Clean, Long-Lasting Power Source

˿Ƶapp’s wind-driven turbine alternators serve as a dependable power source across a range of Military and civilian applications. These engineered products generate clean power under extreme conditions, providing unmatched resilience with extended shelf life. Their lightweight design maximizes operating efficiency and payload capacity. A wide operating temperature range ensures performance in diverse environments.

Reliable turbine alternators providing unmatched power for tough Military & Aerospace applications. Over 5 million units supplied with 0 failures— the trusted choice for mission-critical power.

State-of-the-Art Power Solution Across Industries

Configure a durable, lightweight alternator to your exact power needs. Military contractors can count on ˿Ƶapp’s expertise in supplying this high-performance power source for mortar shells, smart bombs and cruise missiles, but customers in civilian industries also benefit from this trustworthy, wind-driven power source for remote sensors, monitoring systems, disaster relief and other off-grid power needs. Our deep expertise across applications delivers a product with proven shelf life.

  • Various voltage requirements from 20 Volts DC and up
  • Small Size from 1 3/16″ diameter and 8/10″ height
  • Light weight, under 1 oz
  • Self-governing speed with a maximum 120,000 RPM
  • Wide range of operating temperatures from -50 F to + 165 F
  • High durability, withstands over 10,000 G
  • High reliability, over 5 million units built since 1978 with no failures
  • Power for today and tomorrow with a proven 25-year shelf life
  • Top quality engineering and production staff in partnership to achieve your power needs
Operating Temperature
≥ 1 3/16″
≥ 8/10″ height
≥ 20 Volts DC
maximum 120,000
withstands > 10,000 G
< 1 oz
-50 F to +165 F

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