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Custom, Precision Indicators & Desiccators

For over 50 years, DACO has been a pioneer and market leader in aircraft instrumentation with a core focus on customizing reliable indicators and desiccators to demanding specifications. A range of critical instruments benefit from DACO’s solutions that reduce cost and improve system quality and useful life.

Aviators rely on DACO’s precision instruments to outperform challenging environments and sustain efficient operations. Customize indicators and desiccators to your exact end-use requirements.

Custom Aircraft Indicators

DACO indicators are designed, engineered and precision manufactured to exceed the exacting requirements of Aerospace and ground support instruments. These units are highly reliable, extremely rugged, positive-indicating and customizable with silk-screened images and text.

0.38″ to 0.44″
Lengths Available
0.38″ to 0.82″
Power Input Range
DC – 0.4 to 1.3 watt @ 25ºC
AC – 0.7 to 1.8 watts @ 25ºC
Operating Voltage
DC operation: up to 45 volts
AC operation: 26 and 115 volts 400Hz
Up to 60º CW or CCW Standard Tolerance + 3
Customized per size/shape and silk-screen image and text

Static & Self-Regenerating Desiccators

DACO desiccators are small, efficient air-drying and breathing devices designed for attachment to airborne instruments. During flight, changes in temperature and air pressure can cause moisture condensation that fogs optical instruments and degrades electrical systems. DACO desiccators alleviate these problems and ensure high-performing airborne equipment.

Self-regenerating desiccators are permanently installed to meet the stringent military and commercial avionics requirements.

Static desiccators are non-regenerating with a replaceable absorbent canister. They are a cost-effective alternative for removing harmful moisture from your equipment and instruments.

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