Precision Medical Manufacturing Solutions

Specialized Components for Medical Equipment & Devices

˿Ƶapp is your strategic manufacturing partner for highly regulated and cost-sensitive Medical applications, delivering precision components and assemblies designed to elevate patient care and maximize your bottom line. We offer expertise in ergonomical mechanics and high-performance metals for clinical environments and conditions where equipment is exposed to bacteria, corrosion and sanitation chemicals during transport.

Our command of advanced materials and in-house capabilities give us the flexibility and speed to efficiently support your complex designs, ensuring high functionality and reliable patient outcomes. Seamlessly customize long-lasting Medical equipment from specialty metals with ˿Ƶapp, your full-service manufacturing partner.

Featured Solutions

From the precision fluid mechanics of monitoring systems to portable and flexible operating surfaces, ˿Ƶapp is your reliable supplier for a broad mix of durable, custom engineered Medical equipment including:

Medical - Gurneys


Precise motion for tilt tables and stretchers, enhancing patient comfort.

Medical - Specialty Hospital Bed

Specialty Hospital Beds

Custom components engineered for ease of adjustability and diverse medical needs.

medical carts


Robust components to enable efficient navigation in fast-paced hospital settings.

Medical - Dentist Chair

Dental Chairs

Smooth-operating components enabling effortless positioning and adjustments.

Medical - Wheelchair


Lightweight, high-strength components designed to empower mobility.

Medical - Fluid Monitoring

Fluid Metering

Piston pumps and valves to power precise fluid controls.

Medical - Pivoting Table

Pivoting Tables

Durable mechanics to provide stability and seamless positioning in surfaces used for patient care.

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Advanced Alloys & Raw Materials

˿Ƶapp leverages specialty metals and highly engineered polymers to enhance resistance to temperature and corrosion as well as impart bioinert and electrodynamic characteristics in a broad mix of medical equipment and devices. Let us source and manufacture your precision components and assemblies from our diverse selection of materials.



Stainless Steel

Reinforced Nylons

Specialized Medical Device & MedTech Components

˿Ƶapp’s DACO Instruments is a leading manufacturer of value-added Medical device and MedTech components including advanced laser shutters and rotary solenoids. Gain hands-on engineering support, adapted to your unique requirements.

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