New Product Introduction

Single-Source NPI Support from Co-Design through Delivery

Proven Ability to Launch New Products Faster

Count on ˿Ƶapp to accelerate your new product introduction while maintaining excellence at every stage of the process. From efficiently sourcing materials to precise part development and validation – trust our in-house expertise to launch your products to market faster.

From Roadmap to Commercialization

The Go/No Go Product Decision

Plan your project effectively to save time, money and resources.

  • Specification of Customer Requirements
  • Product Ideation + Conception
  • Technology + Market Assessments
  • Project Attractiveness, Risk/Reward Matrix
  • Product Definition & Feasibility
  • Initial Project Plan + Financial Model

Product Design & Development

Ensure design and technical requirements meet exacting specifications.

  • Design Development
  • Feasibility Assessment + Technical Review
  • Safety/Regulatory Compliance
  • Materials Specification
  • Supply Chain Plan
  • Updated Financial Model

Preproduction & Prototyping

Confirm product viability prior to allocating implementation resources.

  • Prototype Build + Functionality testing
  • Technical Review/FMEA
  • Customer Feedback + Supplier Input
  • Resolve Quality Issues
  • Manufacturing Process Design
  • Short-Run/Prototype Manufacturing

Design & Process Validation

Establish ability to produce high-quality products to customer and regulatory requirements.

  • Design Validation Testing (DVT)
  • Finalize Design Documentation
  • Production Demand Specification
  • External Testing, Review & Validation Processes
  • Safety & Regulatory Compliance Reporting

Manufacturing for Commercialization

Produce Optimal Outcomes: Production Efficiencies, Scale and On-time Delivery.

  • Finalize Manufacturing Build + Production Training
  • Begin Factory Production of Product
  • Robust Production Monitoring, Quality Inspections, Testing
  • Data Accumulation + Aggregation
  • Ongoing Supply Chain Management
  • Capture Lessons Learned for Continuous Improvement Opportunities

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