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Specialty Metal Components for Aerospace & Defense

Ascend to new heights with a full-service, AS9100-certified manufacturer and supplier of specialized metal components, trusted for decades by leading commercial aircraft manufacturers. ˿Ƶapp customizes high-strength metal parts to outperform in high altitudes and mission-critical environments, ensuring resistance to extreme corrosion, pressure and temperature. Applying advanced manufacturing capabilities and deep sector expertise, our customers quickly benefit from innovative and cost-effective solutions that exceed exacting requirements and accelerate success.

Featured Solutions

From precision sheet metal fabrications and stampings for fasteners and mounts to specialized spherical bearings and turbine alternators, ˿Ƶapp offers a broad mix of Aerospace & Defense solutions covering air management & power, engine, electric and flight control systems.


Precision Stamping

Durable, state-of-the-art metal stamping with unwavering accuracy for engines, structural components and more.

Metal Components - Gaskets


Precision-engineered in various materials for heavy-duty sealing, structural support and extended lifespan.

Spherical Bearings

Custom Spherical Bearings

Custom-manufactured to exact specifications for safety-critical mechanics in aircraft.LEARN MORE
Wind Turbine Alternators

Wind-Driven Turbine Alternators

Highly reliable, long-lasting alternators with multiple configurations designed for exceptional performance.LEARN MORE

Custom Linkages

Overhead Compartment Door Linkages

Lightweight, durable, and engineered for smooth operation.LEARN MORE

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High-Temperature Metals, Superalloys & Specialty Materials

For decades, commercial Aerospace and national Defense OEMs and contractors have relied on us to source and manufacture components from Aerospace-grade materials. These materials are suited for the extreme environments where jets, satellites and other aircraft operate. Customers gain access to a broad range of specialty metals and superalloys engineered for optimal strength-to-weight, stress tolerance and resistance to extreme corrosion and heat.




Stainless Steel 17-4PH


Inconel 625 & 718

Haynes 188


Specialized Aerospace & Defense Products

˿Ƶapp’s DACO Instruments is a leading manufacturer of value-added Aerospace & Defense products including advanced laser shutters, rotary solenoid devices and aircraft instrumentation. Gain hands-on engineering support, adapted to your unique requirements.

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