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Specialized Components & Assemblies for Recreation & Power Sports

˿Ƶapp applies deep experience in engineering motion technologies to optimize smooth, consistent motion transfer across Recreation & Power Sports applications. For years, leading vehicle brands have leveraged our manufacturing expertise to configure precision mechanical solutions from specialty materials and deliver the high-quality products that customers prize. Our range of in-house manufacturing processes including welding, forging, milling and steel bending enable us to customize tight design tolerances for maximal performance.

Our network of trusted global suppliers can also help you source affordable castings and components for more unique needs. Whether off road or on the water, trust ˿Ƶapp to engineer solutions with proven value in Recreation & Power Sports applications.

Featured Solutions

From the robust turbocharger controls in off-road vehicles to the complex mechanics of bowling pin setter systems, our motion technology manufacturing provides greater reliability and control to ensure safety and reliable user experience across a range of innovative, entertaining products.

Recreation & Power-Sports - ATV/UTV


High-strength steering linkages and suspension components, arm assemblies, brake links and ball joints to withstand tough terrain.

Recreation & Power-Sports - Pin Setter

Pin Setter Systems

Electromechanical assemblies including enclosures, bar links and actuators engineered for efficient operation.

Recreation & Power-Sports - Motorcycles


Engine shift linkages, pivot bearings and stabilizer links for smooth and accurate handling.

Recreation & Power-Sports - Marine

Marine Control Systems

Shift shafts, steering links and assemblies for responsive controls on the water.

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Recreation & Power-Sports - Golf Carts

Golf Carts

Dependable suspension systems, sway bar links and steering components to provide years of enjoyment.

Recreation & Power-Sports - Snowmobile


Rugged suspension and steering systems, spindles and stabilizer links to outlast wear and tear.

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Specialized Metal & Plastic Expertise

For decades, OEMs have relied on us to procure specialty materials and design solutions to unique requirements. To strengthen resistance to wear, as well as corrosion, we provide plating, coating and more secondary operations using a broad range of materials.

˿Ƶapp also specializes in manufacturing with highly engineered polymers that elevate and safeguard the long-term value of mechanical products. Customers count on our experience with integrating these plastics into assemblies and liner systems to maximize product performance and longevity.





Hi-Temp, Reinforced PEEK™

Reinforced PPA™

Reinforced Nylons


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